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All our collections & deliveries are insured. You can trust us to move your vehicles.

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Our Drivers have excellent customer service, uniformed, fully trained and checked.

About Us

We operate a family-owned enterprise with more than 16 years of collective experience in the transport logistics sector, specializing in the movement of vehicles for clientele across the United Kingdom. Our scope encompasses the conveyance of diverse vehicles, ranging from vans to HGVs.
Leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the logistics landscape, we are committed to punctual vehicle movement, delivering a meticulous service tailored to our clientele’s unique requirements. Clients can rely on us for the secure movement of their vehicles. Our drivers are distinguished by their professionalism, exemplary customer service, uniformed appearance, comprehensive training, and rigorous vetting. Our sustained expansion is underpinned by our unwavering reliability, maintenance of utmost standards, and competitive pricing.

Fleet Driver Training & Vehicle Handovers

Fuel-efficient driving is a style of driving that can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and decrease fuel consumption for business purposes. Embracing fuel-efficient driving not only reduces a business’ carbon footprint but also leads to significant cost savings.
Extensive research indicates that drivers engaging in uneconomical driving practices consume, on average, 30% more fuel, thereby significantly impacting both the financial outlay and environmental footprint of businesses. Our meticulously crafted fuel-efficient driver training programs are specifically tailored to empower drivers to hone their skills and driving techniques, advocating for the optimal use of vehicle controls and the cultivation of heightened anticipation skills. As a result of our training initiatives, our clients have experienced tangible outcomes, achieving a noteworthy reduction of up to 20% in fuel expenses per driver. This transformative impact can profoundly influence businesses, regardless of their scale.

Comprehensive Vehicle Delivery and Support

We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering comprehensive support for vehicle delivery, prioritizing the assurance of customer satisfaction. In addition to physical vehicle delivery, we place paramount importance on ensuring that our customers possess a comprehensive understanding of and can proficiently utilize the capabilities of their new vehicles. This encompasses providing thorough vehicle familiarization, offering education on the nuances of electric vehicle (EV) charging, and conducting meticulous and appropriate vehicle inspections.
Our dedicated team has undergone rigorous training directly from manufacturers to ensure their adeptness in assisting our customers with driver training and vehicle handovers. Whether our customers are taking possession of an electric or diesel vehicle, we offer a range of customized driver training formats. These options include personalized one-on-one in-cab sessions, comprehensive classroom-based sessions, or a straightforward yet impactful vehicle handover with dedicated familiarization.
Our primary objective is to equip drivers with the requisite skills and knowledge to operate their vehicles with maximum fuel efficiency or electric vehicle range, thereby ensuring both efficiency and safety. Furthermore, our comprehensive training programs are meticulously designed to allay any concerns or anxieties related to driving range, ensuring that our customers are entirely confident in their vehicle operations.
We are resolute in our commitment to ensuring that our customers derive the utmost value and satisfaction from their vehicles, and we are steadfast in our dedication to providing comprehensive support at each stage of their journey.

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